Interview with Nicole Guthary

     This is a new installment of the Soulful Blog that you can look forward to periodically. I’ll be interviewing someone that we really look up to and repect. Our first interview is with our good friend Nicole Guthary. She makes hand made beanies and accessories, and has been a recent fixture to our warehouse sales. Nicole is one of the sweetest people we know, and we’re excited that we will be working with her this year. I’m tickled to death she’s our first interview,  and what’s even better is that she’s  a borderline vegetarian like me. After a discussion about our favorite vegan restaurants, we talked about her growing business.

Jason: What’s up Nicole. So how are you?

Nicole Guthary: I am great! How are you? J: A little sneezy- we’re moving some boxes here at the warehouse.

N: Making room for the new stuff?

J: Yeah! we’re all stoked for the new stuff. It’s definitely been awhile. So a lot of people ask me what Nicole Guthary is all about. What is it exactly you do?

N: Hahaha…EVERYTHING! I work as a test specialist at Washington Mutual full time, I also work at a friend’s jewelry store, I attend ministry school, and, best of all I am working on getting my handmade accessory business off the gound! I do it all! Haha!

J: Sounds like you’re the total package.  I’ve got a broken sprinkler, can you help me fix it? But let’s talk about the handmade stuff- it’s been the buzz in our area as of late. Tell me how you started knitting.

N: My grandma taught me how to knit when I was five. We used to make potholders and slippers when we were kids. I picked up crocheting later and would do little projects here and there, but about two years ago I decided to pick it up again and started making beanies and scarves.  I just kept working on getting better and better until I found out that my friends actually wanted me to make them things! Naturally I decided that I wanted to try to do something I love-  it just seemed like a great time to start. So now, even though I can knit most of my creations are crocheted. But it is one of my goals this year to get some cool knitted stuff going.

J: You know, I’ve heard about your beanies for awhile now. Natalie’s been telling me about them since back in the skate shop days. But knitted stuff? Wow! Like what?

N: I really want to work on cable knits, which are the cool patterns that criss cross over one another that you see alot on scarves and sweaters. And I am working on possibly doing bikinis for the summer time.

J: I am familar with that, one of my favorite sweaters is a cable knit, shawl collar cardigan. Bikinis will definitely be a hit considering how hot it’s been lately. Now what can people expect with one of your beanies?

N: People can expect a quality, one of a kind beanie that has been personally made, with love, by me. I am extremely particular about the product I produce and I really want to create beanies that are all one of a kind while maintaining best possible craftsmanship at the same time.

J: That seems to be the main objective in our camp- made with love. Talk to me about what you look forward to most in 2008.

N: The thing I look forward to most is creating! I am looking forward to expanding my skill set so that I can create new and exciting projects.  I have so many ideas and I cant wait to get them stitched up.  I really want to be able to fufill the custom requests that I receive and also be able to offer more options as I improve.  I am also looking into how to make my little projects more widely available, and most of all I am excited to build my relationships with amazing companies like Soulful Commandoe! It’s gonna be a great year of growth!

J: Two extra points for mentioning Soulful Commandoe. Self promotion time! Tell everyone about your website.

N: My website,, is completely up and running and I am taking orders NOW! There is also a link to my blog,, which I keep updated with extra pictures and updates. That way if you really want to know what I am doing now, you can find out!

J: OK one last thing before we part. Word association. What’s the first word that comes to your mind when i say….Nicole Guthary?

N: ME! Haha…

J: Soulful Commandoe?

N: I dont have just one word for Soulful. I have so many. The first one I thought of was helpful.

J: High school?

N: Awesome!

J: Tattoos?

N: Expression

J: TV show?

N: X-Files

J: Mulder?

N: Fox

J: Scully?

N: Red

J: Natalie?

N: Hello Kitty. Luxurious

J: Wait that’s three! South Hills?

N: God

J: Bank of America?


J: Haha! OK that about does it. Anything else you want to say? Shout outs, thank yous?

N: Honestly, I really would like to thank you and nick for all of the amazing help and insight you both have given me. It’s been so helpful. I also want to thank Natalie, she’s always believed in me and probably owns more Nicole Guthary originals than anyone else.

J: You’re welcome! We always enjoy the company of people who understand the value of determination and hard work.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us!

N: Thank you!


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