Out with the old, in with the new!

It’s a new year and we here at SFC are excited for what is to come.
We’ve decided to shut own the site temporarily while we make way for our new spring season. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated regulary on the blog on all the haps.

Also, we’ve got our online store still open and at a crazy discount. We are running out of all the styles fast so get them all while you can!

*JUST A REMINDER* Our SOULFUL and FRIENDS sale is this Saturday, Jan. 12th from 9a-3p. There will be music, free food, and clothing gallore! We’ve got some awesome special guests lined up to join in on the festivities. This is a can’t miss!

Hope to see you all there… oh yeah, and happy belated new year!



2 Responses to “NEW SITE COMING SOON”

  1. Hey Saph I just finished my site and would like for you to visit. I also got a domain name for my site as you can see. Hit me up through my email. Home number is 760-245-9830. Thanks!


    P.s., Cant wait for this site to be up and running again!

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